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General questions

How and when can I use Bilberry’s cameras?

You can use Bilberry’s cameras to spray all weeds in a fallow (even with stubbles) and in cereals, both during day and night.

Do you offer any other products than weed detection?

We are currently working on developing weed mapping to follow the evolution of weed pressure within a paddock from year to year. The aim is to deliver a better follow-up of the paddocks in order to be able to apply bespoke solutions.

Technical questions

Is it possible to equip my sprayer with the Bilberry system?

Yes - we made sure that our system is compatible with all sprayers on the market. However, we recommend working with our partners for optimum performance: Agrifac, Goldacres, Dammann and McIntosh.

Is the Bilberry system capable of detecting all weeds?

Yes - in a Green on Brown situation, our system can detect both grass weeds and broadleaves as long as they are visible to the human eye at 3m.
As far as Green on Green is concerned, only broadleaves are detected in cereals at the moment. The detection of grass weeds in cereals is one of our next development projects!

How fast can I drive using the Bilberry system?

We recommend going up to 20km/h to ensure optimal detection performance with our cameras.

Can I use the Green on Green technology in more than just cereal crops?

Yes - a large part of our R&D is aimed at providing solutions for crops such as corn, canola, sunflower, lupin and many others. Feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements and we will be able to advise.