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Our story…

Our mission is to help farmers while helping the planet. Our technology focuses on drastically reducing the number of chemicals sprayed on crops while improving the quality of production and profitability.

Bilberry started in 2016 when engineering classmates Guillaume Jourdain, Hugo Serrat and Jules Beguerie gathered to look at a new way to apply artificial intelligence to modern sustainability challenges. Being located in France, a country with a long farming history, we spoke with farmers and quickly identified two key issues in the farming industry: the overuse of chemicals, alongside their associated costs and environmental impact as well as the resistance of certain weeds.

… and our journey

Thanks to the trust of the farmers we talked to, the idea of a system that focused on spraying specific weeds while preserving the crops went from a proof of concept to a commercialised product. Since then, the team has kept growing and we work hand in hand with the world’s leading sprayer manufacturers to help both the farmers and the planet.

Bilberry’s journey has only just begun and we keep researching and developing new applications of our technology to respond to different needs and tackle more challenges.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Guillaume Jourdain


Hugo Serrat


Jules Beguerie

Chief Financial Officer

Alban Rapp

Australian Sales Manager

Josh Johnson

Account Manager

Kenza Bounichane

AI Lead

Loïc Steunou

Cloud Engineer

Julie Agopian

AI Engineer

Duc Anh Luu

AI Engineer

Yasmine Arezki

Software Engineer

Anish Monachan

Australian Product Specialist

Pierre Rouchaud

Application Manager

Victor Pouget

European Product Specialist

Adrien Persuy

Embedded Software Lead

Camille Demasson

Software Developer

Perceval Arenou

Product Manager 

Pierre-Olivier Ombret

AI Engineer 

Duc Nguyen Duong

Software Engineer 

Adrien Gabillaud