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The Idea

While studying today’s challenges most farmers are struggling with, we quickly identified that one of the major issues is the unnecessary overuse of herbicides along with their costs and their negative impact on the environment.

Having been working closely with professionals who are directly affected by those issues, we designed an intelligent spraying system that not only assists farmers to cut costs by dramatically reducing the amount of herbicides used but also helps to protect the environment and prevents weed from becoming resistant to the chemicals used.

The Solution

With the help of an array of cameras mounted directly on the sprayers and with well trained weed recognition algorithms, our system is capable of identifying any specific weed in real time before applying the appropriate herbicides with great precision.

The deep learning software and the constant gathering of new field data from farms around the world, enables us to continuously improve the precision of our system and add new types of weed to the ever growing library of our Intelligent Spot Spraying System.

The Benefits

Our goal is to provide a system that protects our nature, helps farmers reduce the usage of herbicides applied to their fields and to save costs for everyone involved.

With more and more weeds becoming resistant to chemical treatments, it is important to refrain from carpet spraying and only target the absolutely necessary areas.

The Bilberry Intelligent Spot Spraying System is well ahead of today's available technology used in agriculture around the world.

How Our System Works

Our Intelligent Spot Spraying System reduces the usage of herbicide by more than 80% while protecting the envirnoment and lowering the costs for farmers dramatically.


Embedded Camera Network

A camera network is embedded directly on the booms of the sprayer. The cameras are compatible with all sprayers on the market, regardless of size or brand.

Localize weeds

Weed Recognition

During weeding, an embedded computer, linked to the cameras, analyzes the images of the field in real time.
It is capable of recognizing weed species present within crops.


Real-Time Spot Spraying

The on-board computer controls the spraying in real time, in order to identify and only spray on the weeds.
It can cut a section of nozzles, or work one nozzle at a time.


Weed Mapping

Information collected in the plots is automatically and immediately transcribed in the form of maps. These maps can be integrated into the sprayer for further processing or in agricultural processes management software.

Bilberry - office

This is Bilberry

Bilberry is a tech startup founded in 2015 by Guillaume Jourdain, Hugo Serrat & Jules Beguerie. We are a dynamic team of engineers who enjoy each other's company beyond the time we spend tackling the next big digital challenge. Our main goal is to develop intelligent agriculture systems that can help farmers and the environment alike. Being located in France, a country with a long farming history, we quickly gained access to relevant groups in this field and managed to develop a system that meets the actual needs of professionals and the industry as a whole.

Having invested a significant amount of time researching and developing our technology in the field, has set us apart from our competition and has given us the necessary insights to solve today's herbicide issues that most farmers struggle with. Our Intelligent Spot Spraying System is currently in use at selected farms around the world which makes us one of the leading partners in the field of AI based weed treatments.

Work with Us

We are always looking for new talents to join our growing team. Find open positions here: Linkedin

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With the support of our partners Bilberry has developed a product that is leading in our field.

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